Vellore Packers and Movers

Vellore Packers and Movers

VTC, No:17, Molitery Bajar Detter Line, Vellore Taulk, Vellore, Tamil Nadu 632001

About: Vellore Packers and Movers

Vellore Packers & Movers Professional packing and moving company in Vellore. We have provided lots of information about Household Goods, Office and Local Business transfers, and Luxury Car and Bike Transport Service providers all over Tamil Nadu.

We provide proper and reliable secure packing and safe economical services at the best time by the best national and international packers and movers services in Vellore.

Are you planning to shift your home, office, or vehicle? Any city in India. Then you are at the right place. Call us and relax! For final packing for your home transfer, office, business transfer, local transfer and car, and any type of vehicle moving services at any time to any place in Tamil Nadu.

Home Shifting

Vellore Packers & Movers offers wide range of residential relocation services like Home Shifting Service, Pet Moving Service, Furniture Moving Service, House Plant Moving Service and Warehousing & Storage Service.

Office transfer

Vellore Packers & Movers provide best office relocation services and office moving services. We are fanatical in office relocation service which helps in moving your office easily and smoothly

Bike transport

If you are shifting within the city then it is easier to ride a bike as you can move it to the new home but when you are shifting over a long distance your responsibilities with respect to shifting your bike increase.

Car transport

Are you moving to a new place and want to take your vehicle to that place? Then Vellore Packers & Movers Vehicles are the right choices for transportation.


Vellore Packers & Movers is the best relocation and warehousing service provider company in Vellore. We provide home warehousing, office supplies, and goods warehousing service.


Loading and unloading goods is an extremely important but highly risky and laborious process while people are trying to move.


Packing luggage without professional experts can be a time-consuming and tedious task. If you are planning to shift your home to a new location, you can hire a packing and moving service.

We attach utmost importance to the safety of the consignment. We provide our clients with suitable facilities that will suit their specific moving needs. It helps the transport of goods to fit neatly and compactly in the given space, thus ensuring the safety of the goods by resisting shocks and bumps during transit.

Safety belt

We secure your valuables in our trucks by using a special belt system, which fixes the cargo to the top of the vehicle, therefore keeping your belongings intact in their position during transport.

Increases strength and durability
Firm grasping power minimizes the risk of loss
full security of the consignment
Each item is tied to a separate belt

Security locks

We provide our customers the convenience of using their individual locks and keys on the Trucking Cube (container) which gives them the secure feeling of moving their cargo from origin to destination.

personalized facility
cost-effective option
peaceful movement

Carpet floor

Concept of using carpets to protect items against vehicular shocks and hard surfaces, with the idea of ​​providing protection to our customer’s valuables during transit.



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