Syngle cargo Conveyors Packers and Movers

Syngle cargo Conveyors Packers and Movers

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Single Worldwide Logistics

Since opening our doors, we have been committed to providing the highest quality of service, paying special attention to working efficiently while keeping the lines of communication clear and concise with our clients.

At Single Worldwide Logistics our mission is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued customers. Our team goes above and beyond to meet the specific needs of each project.

Through open communication and exceptional service, we hope you will find what you are looking for with our logistics service. Contact us today for more information or general inquiries. Our company provides a truly engaged partnership, providing our customers with the commitment of a successful relocation through clear communication and strict compliance.

Air freight

Air freight parcel delivery is the transfer and shipment of goods via an air carrier, which can be charter or commercial. Such shipments go beyond commercial and passenger aviation gateways to anywhere where aircraft can take off and land.

Advantages of Air Freight Shipping

Air freight’s express shipping options make it a valuable option for coordinating time-sensitive shipments to almost anywhere in the world. This can be particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized companies as it allows them to participate in international business in a quick and effective manner. Shipping by airplane also offers the advantage of a higher level of security because airport controls over cargo are tightly managed.

Air Freight Management with Customs Broker

Customs brokerage firms can determine the most reliable and cost-effective means of using air freight options to coordinate corporate, individual parcel, or shipment deliveries. A customs broker can negotiate the vast array of options and determine the most applicable means to ensure expedient and timely delivery.

As with all international shipping, customs clearance procedures should always be predictable and properly documented. Working with a customs broker for your air shipping ensures that all aspects of your freight management are covered from quick service through customs clearance and shipment delivery.

Sea ​​Freight

Sea freight is a method of transporting large quantities of goods via sea. Products are packed in large containers that are loaded onto ships headed for the destination country.

The ability for businesses to ship goods overseas is by sea through sea freight. Ocean shipping has brought many economic benefits around the world. About 90 percent of what we buy comes via sea transport. Must be by container ships with over 200 million shipping containers worldwide.

Billions of tons of goods are transported every year through trade routes. Maritime freight forwarders use high-capacity vessels that traverse regular routes at fixed times.

Although the basic cost of sea freight is high, it scales very well and makes it a popular choice for transporting goods. The shipment agent can identify whether the sea freight is compatible with your shipment. A rule of thumb is that shipments weighing more than 100 kg or containing multiple cartons are usually favored by sea freight.

Although there are some restrictions regarding the items that can be shipped via sea freight, most of the items are allowed. Dangerous goods are transported under specific conditions whereas perishable goods are transported in suitable containers. You can transport refrigerated or frozen items and even products like sugar that need to be kept dry during transit.

Road transport

Road transport is an excellent mode of freight transportation and is still a versatile option today, suitable for many needs. At Single Worldwide Logistics we offer all types of national and international road transport.

The advantages of road transport are its speed, flexibility and door-to-door service for short and medium distances. The logistics of road transport do not take long to become operational as they can be easily adapted to the requirements of a specific route and cargo, while still offering a very competitive price.

At Single Worldwide Logistics we transport complete cargo of any kind of cargo. , with savings in both time and cost. Thanks to our own truck fleet and a solid network of associates, we can provide you with an efficient and well-organized road freight transportation service.

Types of road freight transport

Within road freight transport, several variables come into play depending on the type of cargo being transported. Different types of goods require different types of care for their handling, loading and unloading, and storage in the truck. Thanks to our expert knowledge of the special care required for each type of freight, at Single Worldwide Logistics we specialize in all types of cargo


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