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House shifting is easy with the right service of Packers & Movers. You can go with SRC Packers & Movers to get a packing and moving facilities for home and business locations. If you want to move you have to find the best solution for those who pack the household items. Now, for the best packing facility, most of the people go with SRC Packers & Movers and they get relocation services. The company provides various types of services like house shifting and office shifting.

If you don’t want to make your shifting difficult then you need to make the right decisions. Your luggage is packed and moved without any damage and you can save your time and money with SRC Packers & Movers.

Home relocation services

Shifting and packing services were not a well-known idea in the past era, shifting and relocating from one destination to another was like a dream come true, it was like a nightmare at that time, especially with all that loading, unloading, Transfer, and packing work. But now the times have changed and you can find many different movers and packers near you. And if you are living in the Kogadu area then you don’t need to go anywhere because SRC Packers & Movers are here to provide the best house shifting in this area and with their expertise, if you are shifting houses then you need to go anywhere. There will be no trouble. from one place to another. The demand for shifting professionals like SRC Packers & Movers is increasing day by day and becoming more and more popular in providing home shifting in Bangalore. House shifting is an invigorating affair. Sadly, many people don’t think so.

For many individuals, changing homes is a time-consuming and stressful task. As a result, they regularly miss out on the excitement and fun of the process. Home relocation and relocation become easy if you have some preparation and arrangements in advance. When shifting home, safety and affordability are the two most important points to be considered. All things considered, who wouldn’t love to move their belongings in a safe way? We are glad that SRC Packers & Movers House is shifting to Bangalore and other key areas of Kodagu. They are expert professionals having expertise in providing best-in-class house shifting services with the help of their professionals and expert movers.

Office Transfer Services

Before taking a decision on office transfer, there are a few things to keep in mind. In fact, safety is the main concern because sometimes it creates trouble for the goods. on the basis of office transfer service; We are here to manipulate professional packers and movers services. Yes, you are at the right place as we move your office in a safe and secure manner.

Of course, our office relocation services are talented in providing a smooth relocation process without any hassle. We also provide an easy move as most of the customers are expecting only a quality yet secure transfer process. This saves your valuable time and we accordingly bring a fixed amount to move the office.

Well-Trained Movers for Office Relocation Services

On the other hand, our office relocation movers have wide experience of providing friendly services to the clients. There are a large number of movers available in the city but we are the top-notch relocation service provider who fulfills your wishes.

You can take advantage of us even if the office is completely shifted. Everyone benefits when it comes to operating the hassle-free transfer service forever. Therefore, whenever you are going to the office, you can also get many benefits. The equipment is provided by us so that you may not be searching for packing boxes and so on. Our office relocation services are very easy as well as professional when you hire us.

Risk-Free Office Transfer Service

Whenever you want to lift heavy items in the office, our trained professionals are ready to do so. These experts have vast experience of working in the office without any risk. So there will be no danger when you want to get good office relocation services forever. There are many different benefits available so that you get a clear idea while on the go. As we are the most talented and reputed service provider, everything is going well.

We make a safe way out in case of shifting or relocating the office completely. We are always ready to give satisfactory results forever. 100% Guaranteed Service. Use professional movers. Carry a reliable packing box.

24-hour moving service

There is no need to face loss when you hire our office relocation services at any time. To make your decision the right one, just hire us and we are here to deliver whatever solutions customers want. Your transfer is not stressful and difficult as we are always with you. Customers can use the service 24 hours a day as we are always in the city anytime. You can avail our fully qualified moving service. The transfer process is very easy and we are here to get a good solution for the transfer.

Car and Bike Transport Services

SRC Packers & Movers provide bike transport services in Kogadu and car transport services in Kogadu and all over India. While transporting your bike and car we take utmost care and secure them even for a minor scratch and we ensure that your car and bike will reach the final destination on time and safely. We handle the transportation of all types of bikes and cars. We transport cars by specially designed cove #b40303 car containers, trucks, car carriers and trailers, etc.

SRC Packers & Movers Bike and Car Transport Services from Bangalore to Allahabad, Aurangabad, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Cochin, Calicut, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Delhi, Faridabad, Faizabad, Ghaziabad, Guwahati, Kogadu, Bangalore, Indore, Jabalpur provide. , Jaipur, Kanpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Meerut, Nagpur, Pune, Patna, Hyderabad, Varanasi, Vapi, Visakhapatnam, etc. For two-wheeler, motorcycle and four-wheeler transport services in Kogadu

Bike and car transportation services include the following.

1. Free Estimates: We will provide free estimates by phone and e-mail.

2. Door to Door Transport: We will do door-to-door transport for bikes and cars.

3. Loading and Unloading: Our skilled and experienced movers load and unload your bike and car with due care.

4. Packing for Bike: Our experienced packing professionals take care of even a small aspect while packing your bike for a safer and better arrival.

Documents required for bike and car transport service:

1. RC Book Xerox Copy.

2. Insurance Xerox Copy.

3. ID Proof Xerox Copy.

Transport insurance services

We are the most trusted team of professionals committed to focusing on achieving complete customer satisfaction. Our experts are often trained to serve businesses of all sizes. Apart from this, we are well equipped with all the necessary things to handle every task with better eagerness and more enthusiasm. The most important thing about our company is that it has a wide array of resources to guarantee hassle-free and safe delivery of your products. The most impressive thing about our company is that it provides a wide range of services to meet all types of business needs. This includes corporate relocation, office relocation, local relocation, warehousing, warehousing, and more. Transit insurance services are flagship services that are renowned for their affordable prices, flexibility and even stability.

Importance of our expert transit insurance services

It is always helpful to take insurance first as there is a lot of risk potential when your needs change or move. Many people are not aware of the dangers that occur during transportation, so they have to face many unwanted troubles and even heavy losses. You can get transit insurance from packers and movers to avoid problems.

Our company only hires reliable and experienced people who do their best to understand both the needs and requirements of our clients. It offers a wide range of benefits including online payments, speedy services, affordable rates, online quotes, and much more. This is a special feature that helps you compare policies before choosing one.

We provide transit insurance services to our customers to ensure the safe transfer or transfer of their goods or products, but it is advisable to take an insurance plan as anything will happen while moving the goods. It is important to know that our company will support you throughout the process.


If any damage may occur during the transit process, transit insurance covers and protects products against it. As a customer, you should get this insurance service from Packers & Movers. We understand the importance of loss and risk during the moving and packing process. SRC are reliable service providers capable of handling a wide variety of insurance-related issues. most important,

We work hard to save valuable time and money for our business customers. SRC ensures that every process is done based on the insurance requirements of our clients. In addition, we can take insurance documents and other files in a comfortable and accurate manner.

Why use our insurance services?

Our team of experts knows that this insurance policy is mandatory for every relocation service we offer. We not only provide safe transportation and best packing services but also keep a close eye on riots, accidents, sabotage, fire, and others that are unsafe and dangerous for valuables.

Therefore, we provide transit insurance that covers part of the value of the goods. We always offer the best range of insurance policies for better compensation reimbursement due to loss. The major advantages of choosing our transit insurance services are as follows: Widely owned insurance, Effective policy documentation, Guaranteed policies by leading insurers, Efficiently handled and timely settlement of claims, and Claims settled directly with the policyholder.




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