SEKA Moving - Brooklyn Moving Company

SEKA Moving - Brooklyn Moving Company

35 W 9th St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, United States

SEKA Moving
The story of Seca’s official run began in 2017.
When we were incorporated as a moving company in New York State.

It was disheartening to see the lack of proper care and attention being taken by the moving companies to bear the assets of the people. The feeling is heightened when you take into account the hefty fees most movers slap their customers with, never paying attention to the bad attitude that made moving services a nightmare to deal with.

This is the narrative we sought to change as we entered the changing business. We wanted to turn it around and rewrite a completely different script through the service we offer.

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After a decade of operation, we believe this is something we have already achieved. Not just because customer satisfaction comes first for us, but also because the feedback we have received from customers to serve us over the years has been along the same lines.
Something like this:

I no longer have the energy to complain and quarrel with some inconsistent movers, so I’m glad I found Seca when I did.

“Incredible service and good value for money are not phrases you often meet when referring to services in New York City, let alone a rental and moving business! Seca Moving has been a breath of fresh air.”

“Efficient service, good rates, super professional and approachable crew. I honestly could not have asked for more.”

You see, moving is one of the top stressors you will find yourself dealing with in life. However, we believe that this should not happen when you are paying for the service. After all, you are paying that burden for yourself shoulder to shoulder.

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At Seca Moving, we understand moving – big or small, residential or commercial – can be chaotic, nerve-wracking, and downright exhausting.

We have been there too. We were there before. That’s why we established this company with the aim of being different. From the moment you request your quote with us, from the moment we say goodbye to you at your new premises, you will see the difference in our service, start to finish.

We provide residential and commercial services in New York City and the state at large, as well as the tri-state area and Connecticut. Our service spans the gamut, catering to small and large moving requests alike.

From students moving into their first dorm room to families changing apartments or moving across town, or even businesses setting up a new address in a different area code, we’ve come across all kinds of tricks. Handle – big, small, local, long distance, you name it.

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We provide special packing service for your needs and if you just need labor service, we do that too. Fine art and antique moving are other of our specialties, and we can also be entrusted with providing safe and secure storage services in our state-of-the-art storage facilities.

Whatever moving you need, you can always rest easy knowing that Seka Moving has your back. However, what sets us apart is not the range of services we offer, but the type of service. We have a highly skilled team of professional staff who are not only diligent but also do our best to ensure that your move is facilitated with utmost care and respect, irrespective of the volume of the job.

No one likes to deal with messy movers. Or foot pullers. and budget drain. We haven’t lost that much. At Seka, we like to remember what first got us into this business. We never forget that service is our business. We consider it our responsibility to ensure that every customer is pleased and satisfied with our service.

That’s what we try to accomplish every time, “Yes, it would be our pleasure to move you”. Because it is through achieving this excellence that we derive the most satisfaction, knowing that we are true to our ideals of transforming the moving industry for the better. as we left.

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