Kochi Packers and Movers

Kochi Packers and Movers

24, 128, University Road, Alfiya Nagar, South Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala 682022

Who are we
We Kochi Packers & Movers are a prominent name in the moving industry and have been the most trusted firm in this category over the years. Within a few years, we have emerged as one of the leading players in the field of Packers & Movers. The reliable and dependable service provided by us has deterred many of our clients from searching for a new firm online. From our very first day, we have worked hard to provide professional packing and moving service at an affordable price to all.

What we do
Kochi Packers & Movers are based in Kochi but we move from one city to another in and out of Kochi. We also provide packers and movers service outside Kerala. During the lockdown season, we have completed many works outside Kerala and we made extra efforts to get permits from the authority and successfully delivered the things without any damage.

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