Kerala Roadways (P) Ltd

Kerala Roadways (P) Ltd

Kmc/17/277,Railway Station Road, Thayalangadi, Kasargod, Kerala 670121

Kerala Roadways (P) Limited, popularly known as KRS across India, was established by Shri VK Moidu in the year 1962 as a one-stop logistics solution provider for the South Indian region.
Today, five decades later, KRS consistently ranks among the top five logistics companies in India. KRS serves its customers through an extensive pan-India network of 400 offices spread across the country, serving over 1000 locations through a dedicated workforce of over 3,500 employees. Suffice to say, there is no place in India that is not truck-length away for the KRS team!

By the time it takes time to complete this sentence, a KRS worker would have transported and delivered close to a tonne of goods somewhere in India – that is, an average of 7,500 tonnes of goods per day! With a fleet of 1,500 trucks that are contracted and owned, KRS has an unmatched infrastructure.

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